Nifty Royale X EJ Hassenfratz: King Kani's Tiny Kingdom

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Past battles
About Nifty Royale
Nifty Royale aims to disrupt the NFT eco-system by providing additional utility and gamification elements to both NFT creators and collectors. By adopting emerging blockchain technologies we have created an NFT marketplace where each curated drop is combined with an on-chain battle royale. The battle royale serves as a provably fair and unbiased method to distribute a one of a kind NFT to the winner.
How it works
Limited editions of original artwork by an artist will be minted as base NFTs and be available for sale at a fixed price during the initial sales period for each Drop.
NFTs purchased will be entered into the battle royale for the corresponding drop. NFTs will be randomly eliminated one by one until there is only one NFT left.
Collectors are free to buy or sell NFTs on the secondary market at any time from the Battles page regardless of the status of the NFTs in the battle royale.
At the conclusion of the Battle, the winning NFT will be replaced with an upgraded NFT that typically fuses the original artwork with animations and is the only one of its kind minted.
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